Salary Schedules and Health and Welfare Benefits

Effective 2023 Salary Schedules

Most teachers are on the C-1 Schedule, 10 months paid over 11 months

UTP Salary Schedules.pdf

Summary of Benefits and of Coverage for Health and Welfare

1. Kaiser HMO 2. Blue Shield HMO 3. Blue Shield PPO

1. Kaiser HMO

SBC_20231001_KP_2023 OV $10, $10 Rx, Vis(10-6-2023 3.pdf

2. Blue Shield HMO

SBC_20231001_BSCH_2023 Blue Shield HMO HMO_10_0 Rx 5-20 (10-6-2023) 2.pdf

3. Blue Shield PPO

SBC_20231001_BSC_2023 Blue Shield PPO 80_E20 Rx 5-20( 10-6-2023) 1.pdf